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Import from Camera under Limited Account


Our kids received Crayola Kidz Cameras as gifts. On Windows XP Home, under Limited Accounts (can't install programs etc), pictures cannot be imported, failing with a "read file error". Turns out the silly program, with the smooth roll off the tongue name of '913D Camera', requires write permissions to %ProgramFiles%. Under XP Home changing permissions here is difficult. In any case, after some time crawling in through a sticky web I've solved it:

​1. Download and install subinacl from the Windows Resource Kit.

​2. Grant Users group [C]hange permission for "C:\Program Files\913D Camera":

cd /d C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools
subinacl /file "C:\Program Files\913D Camera" /grant=Users=C

Along the way I learned the drivers from Sakar's website (the camera manufacturer)  are better than the ones on the disc. Select the camera type you have, and then on the resultant page will be a link to download the drivers. There is another program on the disc called Color Genie which does not appear to be available for download. It's not required to download pictures off the camera. If you've had an older driver installed you may need to run the install program twice, and reboot.

After this is done I would delete the shortcuts to 913D Camera application and use Picasa import instead. It's about the same number of clicks to get from camera to disk but a much nicer interface and more post download possibilities.

The Crayola phone tech support at 1-877-397-8200 is pretty good for a big company, a real human in less than a minute and no transfers to anyone else; though they didn't lead me to the final subinacl solution. That came from FAQ#11 for Afga scanners, in direct opposition FAQ#10 above it which states it just isn't possible; I'm glad that turned out to be false. :)

In theory this same method should work for any scanner or camera.

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