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The 1st modern Cahill-Keyes Map, maybe

All maps distort things -- one or more of area, shape and distance. They [splatten] a roundish sphere into a flat piece of paper. Some distortions are much worse than others. The Cahill-Keyes projection is the best invention to date we humans have for minimizing the effects. Unfortunately very few know about it or have seen it. This map by Duncan Webb of Australia, possibly the first modern full scale version of the CK map projection could go a long way to rectify our common (mis)perception of the relative shapes and sizes of where we live. If it sees production -- you can help make that happen by pledging to buy one before January 3rd:

Duncan Webb's hardcopy Cahill-Keyes Map project

What's all the fuss about? There are many resources out there explaining it more completely and eloquently than I can, but here's an info-graphic to get you started. Each of the pinkish blobs on the maps below occupy the same size and area of ground, but they sure don't look like it do they?

Various map projections with tissot error ellipses

Various map projections

[0]: well, 'splatten' should be word darn it!

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