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Fix Start Time rather than the Menu

((In response to: Choices = Headaches and Windows Shutdown Crapfest))

ahem, rather than fixing the Shutdown feature, uh… menu I mean, how about fixing the real problem: my circa 2004 computer is more than 5 times as slow as my 1994 computer. In 1994 I pressed the power button and within 30 seconds I could get to work typing a letter, playing a game or whatever. Today I press the power button, go to the bathroom, get a fresh cup of coffee and THEN sit down to work. (150s to login prompt, plus 55s to point of being able to open the start menu). If I was in to computing in 1987 and had a Canon Cat, I could have the computer ready to accept input before my synapses finished warming up (boot time: 7 seconds).

more on this at http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?joel.3.421253.5

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