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Long Live the Aurora Text Editor

Thanks to the persistence of Kent Nassen and the generosity of Jeff Wunderlich, the Aurora Text Editor can be downloaded and registered, “…the .bat file command I use to register is: ac -reg “Jeff Wunderlich” “xujcwpkgzngqmqn” 1 Feel free to share it with anyone on the net.”

So what’s the big deal? Well I covered most of it a few years ago in Musing on the Favourite Text Editor (slow link, involves time travel), but at the moment my biggest cause for joy is that I can, once again, select a column and inserting a character or range of characters (useful for turning fixed width text records into delimited text), and filling a columnar selection with an increasing pattern (1,2,3… a,b,c…) similar to Excel’s extend series command.

Since I wrote the musing’s essay I’ve been a happy Cream user,with occasional forays into Notepad++ when speed and portability (happy on a usb key) is desired. Now that Aurora is around and permanently free I’m positively cheery. Yes I know TextPad can do column fills, and TP is a very fine editor indeed. I bought it for work after all, but it’s not cross platform and I don’t want to pay for it on for every computer I use. Besides, Aurora is only a 650kb download. Where else can you get so much editor bang for your buck? Seriously, where else?

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