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MJ's work reproduced


I've successfully recreated the single octant and eight octant Open Office drawings from the macros and instructions provided. It took a couple of hours because I had to figure out how OO macro dialogs work, and don't. There were some errors at the beginning that went away by themselves -- which always make me nervous because one is never sure if one day they might also decide to come back by themselves! I used OO v3.2 on linux so that may have contributed to the difficulty.


Results are at https://bitbucket.org/maphew/cahill-...t/5b36f8fd8471 (download using [get source] link at right)\ \ Anyway, the upshot is now I have a practical understanding of what the macros do and some glimmerings of how to improve one or two things. I don't have much faith in being able to use oo-Draw long term for this project as it is quite sluggish already with just the grid and graticule let alone any geography loaded. On the other hand, it *is* a working prototype so it's not time to discard just yet. :)\ \ The .svg file was created by a simple File > Export from oo-Draw and loads into Inkscape very nicely. This is encouraging as it means the work is portable; SVG - scalable vector graphic - is a vendor  independent standard format understood by a variety of programs in both the graphic design and GIS/CAD industries.\  

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