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Fixing Mountain Shadows

This was an attempt to use some photographic image processing techniques^1^ to bring back some detail in the regions of mountain shadows in a Landsat7 composite image. It didn’t work but I learned a lot in the process. It could be useful in future with other data which is has not lost so much to white and black shadows.

Original on left while right shows result of contrast mask combined with grain merge selected in the layer Mode. It almost works, but not enough for the project I was researching for. Below, detail view of grain merge result.

mtn-shadows.jpg    mtn-grain-merged.jpg


Comments {#commentz}

matt wilkie wrote:

just found the PHATCH project, http://photobatch.wikidot.com/, which is python alternative to ImageMagick. Relevance to this post? Phatch can process 32bit images (and 16bit?), which neither GIMP nor IM can do. Basically this means if I can build I recipe in gimp, I might be able to reproduce it in phatch and process our whole Landsat7 library in one go.

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