About Maphew

Hello there, welcome to the web abode of Matt Wilkie. I've been employed as a GIS or Geomatics Technician, Instructor, Analyst, and Developer since 1992 or so. If those job titles are new to you, it's a fancy way (and opaque) way, of saying I use computers to make maps and a great deal of other things related to that process.

I'm drawn to computer based communication systems, having run the gamut from fidonet, BBSes, newsgroups, collaborative web editing platforms (drupal, expression engine), wikis (meatball, twiki (now foswiki), mindtouch), and on.

Having now run well over dozen of these sites in the decades I've realised I'm reasonably good at finding decent tools, learning how they work, and setting them up, but I suck when it comes to to their primary purpose:  building communities. Case in point, yukongis.ca, the only project on the list still in existence, though only just. The social part did not come to be, but a few useful pieces of information continue to serve.

The next epoch was helping instantiate and grow GIS Stack Exchange. I served as moderator from early beta to established community. It turns out I can successfully and substantively assist if not lead. stack exchange flair

The intention of this particular site, maphew.com, is to suck in the various flotsam and jetsam I've left scattered across the net, provide a centre of gravity for my digital self. We'll see what happens with that, won't we? ;–)

The above paragraph was written almost 14 years ago. Clearly things haven't worked to my aspirations. Nevertheless what is, is, and for the moment, I remain, warts, hopes, confusion, and all.


email: maphew@gmail.com mastodon: @maphew@indieweb.social