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Spring, Cycles

Well, here I am once again looking at the detritus of my website and wondering what to do with it. Each page represents, at least, an hour or three of endeavour. Many have no relevance any more and or of little if any interest to anyone, including me. Others though... well lets just say I'm not quite ready to pull the plug and let them drain away.

While not a regular experience, this is a recurring one. We've been here before. Each time I've devoted a few days or months to rewriting or transforming old content into a new container, add some new content along the way. From static html to wiki, to a cms, to another wiki, back to static html, ...to whatever this current cycle results in.

One of the historical features of this cycle I'm noting today is: after the phoenix dies and is resurrected, the life soon fades. The form remains, because in the digital world there is no decomposition, but the energy is gone. The words remain, unchanging. No or very few pages are re-introduced for a long time, months to years.

I find this very curious. Most of my waking life is spent interacting with computers. And most of that interacting is on the internet, consuming and commenting and feeding email, mailing lists, blogs, and myriad fora. How strange then, that my own piece of web real estate is so poorly maintained.

I don't know that this current renewal will, in fact, be a renewal, resulting in growth. I don't know that it won't either. I just know that this time around I'm somewhat more interested in watching the play of the impulses and energy behind the effort than the particulars of what system will be used this time around.

((which, if you're curious, will be acrylamid, though after reading about acrylamide I'm wondering about the choice in project name... ;-))

Okay, enough of the intro, on with the game!

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