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The 1st modern Cahill-Keyes Map, maybe

All maps distort things -- one or more of area, shape and distance. They [splatten] a roundish sphere into a flat piece of paper. Some distortions are much worse than others. The Cahill-Keyes projection is the best invention to date we humans have for minimizing the effects. Unfortunately very few know about it or have seen it. This map by Duncan Webb of Australia, possibly the first modern full scale version of the CK map projection could go a long way to rectify our common (mis)perception of the relative shapes and sizes of where we live. If it sees production continue.

Cahill-Keyes Butterfly Map

Prompted by a conversation with my father eons ago, I'm researching and experimenting how to create a map in a discontinuous or interrupted projection. Initially I was thinking of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map, but I've since chosen a variant of the Bernard J. S. Cahill's Butterfly Map, the Cahill-Keyes M-style.

MJ's work reproduced


I've successfully recreated the single octant and eight octant Open Office drawings from the macros and instructions provided. It took a couple of hours because I had to figure out how OO macro dialogs work, and don't. There were some errors at the beginning that went away by themselves -- which always make me nervous because one is never sure if one day they might also decide to come back by themselves! I used OO v3.2 on linux so that may have contributed to the difficulty.

Results are at https://bitbucket.org/maphew/cahill-...t/5b36f8fd8471 (download using [get source] link at right)\ \ Anyway, the upshot is now I have a practical understanding of continue.