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COMfounded python

I think my python-COM environment is messed up.


D:\> python list-fc.py
<COMObject <unknown>>

and expectedsomething like this:

../Scratch/blank_canvec.gdb\ [u'counties.shp', u'roads.shp']\ counties.shp\ roads.shp

Possible culprits:

Using CanVec

In the spring of 2007 the Natural Resources Department of Canada released digital topographic data for the whole nation under a free and libre license policy. The product is CanVec. For bulk downloads, see http://ftp2.cits.rncan.gc.ca/pub/canvec/ (subst http for ftp if that is more to your liking).

Although the data has been out for 5 months or so, as near as I can tell it has yet to be used in any significant public way (no one has been yapping about it outside the confines of their cubicle). The sole reference I could find is Stewart Russell’s my neighborhood, according to Canvec. A modest project to be sure, but I’m happy to see the first one continue.

Scripted Feature Class AliasName updates

After a lot of hairpulling and asking smart people for help (Mark Cederholm, Kirk Kuykendall) I have a working python script which searches a file geodatabase and changes the AliasName of the matching feature classes from the incomprehensible BS_1370009_2 to the human friendly Residential Area. It does the same for a subset of the attribute names.

AlterAlias.py can be nabbed from my bitbucket canvec repository. It relies on python+arcobjects (necessary portion of which is bundled as parco.py)

I took the route of changing the aliasname instead of the fc_name to make it easier, I hope, to automatically incorporate the twice annual canvec updates.