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Arcmapbook Project has a new home

I’ve moved the Arcmapbook project from Sourceforge to arcmapbook.googlepages.com

I’m tired of meeting all the little challenges which come with being a site administrator, in aggregate, they aren’t so little. In features available to project adminsitrators, Sourceforge still has more than Google Code, but the attention to usability and a clean interface has won me over. The idea behind the move is that with the little time I have to spend on this project, slices between “my real job” tasks and at home after the kids are asleep will be spent actually on mapbook rather than on it’s administration. Passage of Time, as always, will be the best judge of continue.

Automatic download and conversion of Geobase Road Network

Note: BC and Alberta archives are 68mb, Yukon & NWT only 2mb. Simply remove ab bc from the set regions line.

Requires fwtools, wget, and 7zip to be in path.

*update: use ogr2ogr newer than 1.4.2 else some of the attributes will be truncated! Please see gdal bug#1844 for more info.*

 @echo off
 :: rev 0.1 ~ 2007 Nov 10, Matt.Wilkie@gov.yk.ca
 echo. Going to download National Road Network files from Geobase
 echo. for Yukon and adjacent regions.
 echo. When finished downloading I will attempt to unpack the archives
 echo. and project the data to Yukon Albers, in shapefiles.

call :ChkReqs wget.exe
call :Unpack
call :gml2shp
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