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Plus 1 for static site generators!

There is no time like the present to really delve into and master static web generation:

Huge attack on WordPress sites could spawn never-before-seen super botnet. Ongoing attack from >90,000 computers is creating a strain on Web hosts, too

Ongoing malware attack targeting Apache hijacks 20,000 sites. Mysterious "Darkleech" exposes visitors to potent malware exploits

I received the ArsTechnica newsletter with the above stories in my mailbox in the same 5 minute window that Google Webmaster Tools informed me that one of our websites for my work has likely been compromised.

No, it's not running Wordpress, but it is running a blog-style php continue.

Deploy website with rsync

Recipe for copying my Acrylamid-generated static html website to my webhost (nearlyfreespeech.net).

In a nutshell, I use QtdSync to generate the basic rsync update script, and then add rsync advanced options as make sense to me. From QtdSync's progress screen the rsync command line can be copied and pasted to create a batch file (strip the -e ... sshpass... line for interactive password prompting).

QtdSync is a bit twitchy around the "backup/don't backup into subfolder" options. Sometimes they appear to have the opposite effect of what they say. I still found it much easier than trying to construct the appropriate rsync script continue.

Going Acrylic

Recipe used for converting httrack snapshot of Mindtouch wiki to markdown for acrylamid

Generate the processing list

dir /s/b \www\maphew.com\*.html > process-list.xt

Edit process-list and remove junk, fix bad filenames (resultant from double quotes in name).

Copy to excel and:

Scripted Html to Markdown to Acrylamid

for /f %a in (process-list-cleaned.txt) do @mkdir .%~pa

for /f %a in (process-list-cleaned.txt) do ^
    @pandoc --to markdown --standalone --template acrylamid-pandoc-template.txt "%a" -o ".\%~pa\%~na.md"

acrylamid init converted
rd /s/q converted\content
move www\maphew.com converted
pushd converted

Spring, Cycles

Well, here I am once again looking at the detritus of my website and wondering what to do with it. Each page represents, at least, an hour or three of endeavour. Many have no relevance any more and or of little if any interest to anyone, including me. Others though... well lets just say I'm not quite ready to pull the plug and let them drain away.

While not a regular experience, this is a recurring one. We've been here before. Each time I've devoted a few days or months to rewriting or transforming old content into a new container, add continue.


v10 license file for Core

Mindtouch now consolidates all of it's products into a single set of packages, which is good, however this necessitates contacting HQ for a license file even for the open source Core version. Some are bothered by this and don't want to give Mindtouch Corp their email address. If you are in this group feel free to use the attached license file (rename to 'license.xml'). It is "licensed" to mindtouch-core@safetymail.info.

Downgrade from Enterprise to Core

As a result of this thread I periodically get private messages asking how to downgrade to the open source. It's really very simple (though I don't know if this is still true with v10):

hi maphew, we continue.


To see which version of debian your hosting account is run under (ref):

cat /etc/debian_version