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v10 license file for Core

Mindtouch now consolidates all of it's products into a single set of packages, which is good, however this necessitates contacting HQ for a license file even for the open source Core version. Some are bothered by this and don't want to give Mindtouch Corp their email address. If you are in this group feel free to use the attached license file (rename to 'license.xml'). It is "licensed" to mindtouch-core@safetymail.info.

Downgrade from Enterprise to Core

As a result of this thread I periodically get private messages asking how to downgrade to the open source. It's really very simple (though I don't know if this is still true with v10):

hi maphew, we are not allowed to talk about that in the forum... don't know why! so, just delete the license.xml, restart dekihost and you're back on core =)

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